No Business Continuity Plan? Take These 4 Steps

If you’re regretting the fact that you never got around to finishing your nonprofit’s Business Continuity Plan, you’re not alone! Many nonprofits in the U.S. are in the same, unprepared boat. The purpose of this special edition of the RISK eNews is offer a highly simplified, quick-start framework to activate when your nonprofit is currently … Continued


Question Everything

“The ability to ask questions is the greatest resource in learning the truth.” – Carl Jung  I’ve just finished reading Questions Are the Answer, by Hal Gregersen. This terrific book has inspired me to scribble more than usual. I’ve been jotting down questions on scraps of paper, adding questions to our staff meeting agendas, and … Continued

Take 10: Resume and Thrive Strategies

By Melanie Lockwood Herman and Whitney Claire Thomey The effects of a global pandemic have caused many nonprofits to quickly scale back and shutter programs, send staff home, and redeploy resources to stop the spread of COVID-19. No organization was immune from the need to make fast, and in some cases, immediate decisions about what … Continued


June 19, 2020


August 27, 2020

virtual conference

Community Action Partnership 2020 Annual Convention

“Business Continuity Planning in Three Steps,” and “Crisis Management:  5 Steps to Equip and Fortify Your Agency to Thrive During a Crisis”

May 12, 2020


GCAA Training & Technical Assistance Institute

“Keep Calm and Carry On: Crisis Communications Tips and Strategies”

April 15, 2020


GCAA Training & Technical Assistance Institute

“Crisis Management: 5 Steps to Equip and Fortify Your Nonprofit to Thrive During a Crisis”

November 15, 2017


Webinar for NRMC’s Affiliate Member Program

“Crisis Management Part 2: Communicating with Care & Business Continuity Planning Overview”