Risk Lessons from the Silver Screen

~14.8 minutes | Recorded 05.30.18 Listen to this podcast to glean risk management insights from Hollywood’s hit movies! The Risk Jockeys hosts are Melanie Lockwood Herman – Executive Director of the Nonprofit Risk Management Center (NRMC), and Derek Symer – Principal and Senior Vice President at AHT Insurance. During each Risk Jockeys podcast, Melanie and … Continued


How Your Nonprofit Can Meet the Risks of Climate Change

Climate change will shape the logistics of your organization’s programs for the long term and the types of services your community needs. Learn what risks nonprofits must anticipate due to climate change and how to prepare.

How to Stay Calm in Tough Situations

We’ve all faced challenging situations at work. Sometimes we can step away to pause and collect ourselves, but sometimes conflict surfaces in the middle of a tense meeting or a challenging interaction with a client. Here are some things you can do in mere seconds to stay calm during a difficult interaction at your nonprofit. … Continued

Mental Health and Wellness Risk: It Takes More Than Self-Care

The pandemic clarified that nonprofits must respond to employees’ mental health and wellness needs. It also brought to light workplace patterns that take a mental toll on teams. Learn how to provide the assistance your employees value and avoid common pitfalls.

How Your Team Can Reframe Challenges as Opportunities

Have you ever sensed  that your nonprofit team adopts a negative frame when you’re talking about a challenge or downside risk? Reframing a challenge as an opportunity could help your team break out of frustration mode, get curious, and form new ideas. Here are some ways to do so. Don’t reframe things that shouldn’t be … Continued

8 Things Nonprofit Leaders Can Do for Their Teams in Tough Times

The past few years have been especially challenging for nonprofits, their teams, and the people they serve. You’ve likely steered your team through many challenges, from budget strains to community grief about injustice and acts of violence. And there will be many more challenges to navigate. Here are some ways to take the best possible … Continued


May 3, 2023


Girls Inc.

“Connect and Lead: How to Overcome Risk Aversion and Embrace the Risks Your Mission Deserves”

March 10, 2023

Duluth, MN

Wequedong Lodge

Board Training: Risk Management and Governance Topics

August 3, 2022


HUB International

Briefing for the HUB Nonprofit Practice Team – “Top Risks Facing Nonprofits”

February 2, 2022


September 1, 2021

Boston, MA

National Community Action Partnership – Annual Convention

“Risk Lessons and Insights from COVID-19: What Next? What Now?”