Risk Lessons from the Silver Screen

~14.8 minutes | Recorded 05.30.18 Listen to this podcast to glean risk management insights from Hollywood’s hit movies! The Risk Jockeys hosts are Melanie Lockwood Herman – Executive Director of the Nonprofit Risk Management Center (NRMC), and Derek Symer – Principal and Senior Vice President at AHT Insurance. During each Risk Jockeys podcast, Melanie and … Continued

Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines

“Sensible Stewardship: Understanding and Managing the Top Risks Facing Nonprofits,” “Demystifying the Risk Oversight Role of Nonprofit Boards,” and “Risk Reflections: Funders’ Forum”


Fuzzy Futures: Managing Uncertainty with Scenario Planning

Events like the COVID-19 pandemic provide sobering wake-up calls to nonprofit leaders, who must execute their missions today and tomorrow despite unnervingly uncertain futures. To better prepare for surviving unpredictable, unthinkable events or futures far from today’s reality, watch this webinar to learn about the art of scenario planning. Leave the webinar with a basic … Continued

A Happier Hybrid: Managing The Risks of Hybrid Work

By Rachel Sams You likely worry about how hybrid work affects your nonprofit‘s employees. Then you probably get pulled right into the day’s crises or priority tasks. Crafting a smart hybrid work approach that fits your nonprofit sounds daunting. But excluding digital security, the big challenges of hybrid work center around office culture, productivity, and … Continued

How to Be Productively Positive, Not Pollyanna

“Being human means making space for the positive, the negative, and everything in between.” – Whitney Goodman By Melanie Lockwood Herman I’ve recently finished two books that inspired me to question my impulsive inclination to look for silver linings behind every cloud. Both books offer thought-provoking insights for leaders seeking to be appropriately positive without … Continued

Cultivate Curiosity to Fuel Risk-Aware Thinking

By Melanie Lockwood Herman “The world’s biggest untapped source of energy isn’t in the wind, water, or sun. It’s inside established organizations. These organizations. . .are populated with people who, like all people, entered the world naturally curious and creative. That curiosity and creativity has been blunted and constrained, but it is there.” – Eat, … Continued

Innovation and Risk Management: Perfect Partners or Strange Bedfellows?

By Melanie Lockwood Herman My sense of self is that I’m hard-wired to be logical and stubborn. If I could re-wire my brain, I’d pick new wires associated with creativity and flexibility. I studied oil painting a few years ago and produced a couple of pieces that were passable for amateur landscapes. But in retrospect, … Continued


February 2, 2022


September 1, 2021

Boston, MA

National Community Action Partnership – Annual Convention

“Risk Lessons and Insights from COVID-19: What Next? What Now?”

February 26, 2021


Maryland Community Action Partnership

“Risk Management in Action”

March 4, 2021


Walker Area Community Foundation

“Organizational Stability”

March 26, 2021

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