View to the Horizon: Managing Reputation Risk for Hyperconnected Organizations

by Katharine Nesslage and Melanie Lockwood Herman A famous Peanuts cartoon uses a cruise ship as an analogy for life. In the cartoon, Lucy explains that some people place deck chairs at the back of the boat to see where they have been, while others place their chairs in the front to see where they … Continued


Focus on Residual Resilience, Not Residual Risks

By Melanie Lockwood Herman & Erin Gloeckner What value does your organization derive from risk management? Controlling specific financial losses and harm? Or cultivating a capacity for resilience no matter what losses or liability might arise? Risk management often looks at singular risks inside a vacuum, determining why each risk is bad, how bad, and … Continued

Perfect is the Mortal Enemy of the Good: Why Minimum Viable Risk Practices are Perfect

By Melanie Lockwood Herman Seasoned hiring managers and interviewers often listen carefully for an interviewee’s response that acts as a red flag waving “don’t hire this person!” For me, it’s a statement like this: “I’m a perfectionist,” or “My biggest weakness is that I don’t want to stop working on something until I get it … Continued

The Resilience Mindset: 7 Musts if Your Mission Matters

By Melanie Lockwood Herman and Whitney Thomey Across the vibrant and diverse nonprofit sector in the U.S. and internationally, leaders and teams are recognizing that we’re not going back. Initial thoughts of returning to a pre-pandemic state are dissipating as we collectively grasp the significant implications of a risk event for which an entire world … Continued

Spring Planting: Finding Inspiration to Spruce Up Your Risk Management Program

By: Katharine Nesslage Every spring, I get an itch to spruce up my home and garden with colorful, cheerful plants. Similarly, risk leaders often feel inspired to do some spring cleaning and infuse their risk programs with new practices to make them brighter and more impactful. To scratch my gardening itch, I visited an outdoor … Continued

Take a Hike! (around Your Risk Landscape)

“Seek to understand your context better. Things that are out of place in a context bear closer inspection.” – Karl E. Weick & Kathleen M. Sutcliffe, Managing the Unexpected By Melanie Lockwood Herman Environmental, climate, and weather-related risks often occupy prominent positions on the risk lists at nonprofit organizations. The NRMC team refers to these … Continued


April 17, 2021


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