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There are no current openings at NRMC. Future open positions will be featured on this page.

We are pleased to share information on the following opening at an NRMC Affiliate Member: Valley Youth House based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.



POSITION TITLE:  Risk Management Manager



Under the authority and supervision of the Senior Vice President, the Risk Management Manager will have broad responsibility for the agency’s risk management activities, compliance, and program with a focus on youth protection.


  1. To maintain a primary focus on Youth Protection through the evaluation of risks to youth safety, and the development and implementation of agency-wide policies to address risk areas.
  2. To oversee internal agency incident reporting, identify & communicate themes, and propose interventions to mitigate risks going forward.
  3. To build a culture of risk awareness amongst all staff and clients.
  4. To assume broad responsibility for the design, ongoing enhancement, and implementation of the agency’s overall risk management framework & processes, including the evaluation of the likelihood and impact of a variety of risks.
  5. To help ensure compliance with HIPAA regulation and provide follow up reporting for any violations.
  6. To conduct ongoing assessments of agency risk, including policy & process compliance audits; and to communicate the likelihood and potential impact to finances, reputation, and agency/program sustainability; and to make recommendations to mitigate these risks.
  7. To serve as the primary staff liaison to the Board of Director’s Risk Management Committee and in this capacity coordinate risk management contributions from the relevant current or future sub-committees, including but not limited to Youth Protection, Information Security, Physical Site Safety, and Incident Reporting.


  1. To implement a Risk Management Governance program, including coordination & development of materials or reports for review at various committees and levels:  agency leadership, cabinet, and Board.
  2. To create a risk management budget and to make recommendations to finance and the CFO in regard to insurance needs, existing gaps, and purchases.
  3. To work with agency leadership in developing guidelines that articulate the level of risk the agency is willing to take.
  4. To ensure regularly scheduled physical inspection of each site (office and client) as outlined in agency protocols.
  5. To assist in managing and advising staff in situations where a risk has occurred. This includes proactively developing processes to mitigate potential risks.


  1. To facilitate or attend staff meetings as applicable.
  2. The accurate and timely completion of personnel material (e.g. mileage reimbursement, timesheets, etc.).
  3. The timely submission of all personnel materials of his/her direct reports.
  4. To complete other related tasks as appropriate or assigned.


The Risk Management Manager shall be a mature individual with the knowledge and skills necessary to guide the development and implementation of the agency risk management framework. They shall possess excellent analytical and quantitative skills as well as attention to detail. They shall be extremely well organized and have the ability to communicate effectively both written and verbal.  They must possess the skills to be able to work with Microsoft Office, G Suite, PowerPoint, and Excel.  They will possess a minimum of a BS/BA in Human Services Field, Risk Management, Business or a similar field as well as three years of related experience. They have never been convicted of any child abuse offenses. They must have a valid driver’s license. The candidate’s race, gender, religion, state of physical disability, or sexual orientation will not be considered when hiring for this position.

Interested in this role?


Adrienne Bonser

work: 610.669.2895 cell: 917.596.0438