Risk Assessment

One of the most popular services offered by NRMC is an independent Risk Assessment. A typical Risk Assessment begins with a site visit to the nonprofit’s headquarters and a kick-off meeting to discuss project scope and deliverables. After the kick-off meeting, the project team from NRMC will interview 10-30 key stakeholders (staff and members of the board) in order to hear diverse perspectives on the critical risks facing the organization. In addition, our team will request and review documents and materials that provide background information on the nonprofit’s risk landscape and operations. After completing the interviews and review of materials, NRMC will deliver a report containing a suggested framework for surfacing and managing critical risks, commentary on the adequacy of existing risk management activity, and specific recommendations for evolving the nonprofit’s risk management program.

An independent Risk Assessment increases the confidence of stakeholders and inspires practical action to position the nonprofit for continued success.

NRMC’s minimum fee for a comprehensive Risk Assessment is $29,400. We also offer Insurance Coverage Reviews as an add-on service; Insurance Coverage Reviews incur an additional cost and must be conducted at the same time as a Risk Assessment. NRMC’s fee may be higher depending on the agreed upon staffing mix for the engagement. The base rate estimates that a typical Risk Assessment will require six full days of consulting time by our Executive Director and nine full days of consulting time by a Lead Consultant or our Director of Client Solutions.

Base Price: $28,800