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Has a business continuity plan been something that was put on the back burner at your organization? Have you struggled with where to start on a BCP? Are resources, policies, and procedures stored in different locations, making it hard to know where to find things when an emergency strikes?

Start using MyBCP today, at

My Business Continuity Plan (My BCP) is NRMC’s newest tool in a suite of web apps to help nonprofit leaders build internal risk management capabilities. A business continuity plan is a resource that helps leadership teams anticipate their actions in the face of disruptive events.

The My BCP tool takes the guesswork out of compiling this important resource. One of the barriers many leaders face is finding the time to organize existing resources, strategies, and plans into a single document your nonprofit can use when a disruption occurs.

My BCP gives you options to create a plan under any time constraints!

Guided modules, easy to answer questions, and knowledge base resources and articles will support your journey to be prepared when disruption hits. My BCP offers three progressive pathways based on the time you have available to create a plan. You can complete a plan in a single sitting or approach the development of your plan in stages. Each pathway is designed to be a stand-alone resource or can easily be combined with other pathways to build a compendium of resources your nonprofit can turn to when a disruption occurs.


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