5 Easy Pieces: How to Remake Risk Rules

by Melanie Lockwood Herman I recall hearing the phrase “5 Easy Pieces” while watching a television show about how to dress without looking like you were trying to impress. The concept of having simple wardrobe items that work anytime, anywhere, was deceptively appealing. While I never purchased any of the items the wardrobe experts recommended, … Continued

6 Signs You Might Need to Hire a Full-Time Risk Manager

by Rachel Sams Wondering if your organization needs to hire someone to handle risk management full-time? Every nonprofit, and every risk management journey, is different. We can’t offer you a magic formula that will tell you whether you need to hire a risk manager, but we can definitely tell you what factors to weigh as … Continued

2022 Risk Insights

Can’t bear to consider what unanticipated challenges might lurk around the corner for your nonprofit in 2022? We get it. (Even though, if you’re reading this, thinking about that is probably your job.) As a global pandemic unfolded over the past two years, one catastrophic risk after another became a reality. Nonprofits and their risk … Continued

2021 Risk Forecast

The year 2020 was a long lesson in change and adaptation for many Americans and our institutions. Existence in the era of COVID–19 further illuminates our societal fissures and impels increased scrutiny of American values and systems—including the impact of the charitable sector and its capacity to successfully serve communities disrupted by the pandemic. All … Continued

Risk Leadership Life Hacks

by Melanie Lockwood Herman A Google search for the term “life hacks” returns 318 million results. That’s a lot of advice on efficiency whirling around the web! These days, everyone is interested in how to do things better, maximize precious time and resources, and bolster personal and professional efficiency. I recently listened as a leader … Continued


May 2, 2023

Saratoga Springs, NY

The Arc of New York

“Connect and Lead: How to Overcome Risk Aversion and Embrace the Risks Your Mission Requires” (keynote)

October 18, 2022

Ashburn, VA

Loudoun Chamber – Nonprofit Initiative

“Reckoning with Risk: Building Resilience and Readiness in a Nonprofit”