The Tension Crushing the Soul of Risk Management

By Melanie Lockwood Herman The risk professionals with whom I have the pleasure of working are bright stars in the nonprofit universe. Without exception, the dedicated risk champions we meet—in consulting engagements, at the Risk Summit, and in our Affiliate Member orbit—seek to contribute to the success of the missions and strategic priorities of their … Continued

6 Signs You Might Need to Hire a Full-Time Risk Manager

by Rachel Sams Wondering if your organization needs to hire someone to handle risk management full-time? Every nonprofit, and every risk management journey, is different. We can’t offer you a magic formula that will tell you whether you need to hire a risk manager, but we can definitely tell you what factors to weigh as … Continued

Risk Leadership Life Hacks

by Melanie Lockwood Herman A Google search for the term “life hacks” returns 318 million results. That’s a lot of advice on efficiency whirling around the web! These days, everyone is interested in how to do things better, maximize precious time and resources, and bolster personal and professional efficiency. I recently listened as a leader … Continued

Risk Roles in a Nonprofit 

By Whitney Claire Thomey Evolution of risk management programs happens in many ways. However, expansion usually involves infusing risk awareness into decision-making and routine activities. Doing so often requires the thoughtful consideration of how new risk-related activities will be dispersed among the team. During the past year, we’ve been asked by several organizations to weigh … Continued

Reimagine Your Risk Roundtable

By Melanie Lockwood Herman During NRMC consulting engagements and conversations with our Affiliate Members, our team often hears about the work and deliberations of risk teams. During the Virtual Risk Summit, I was delighted to join my colleague Ann Terlizzi, Director of Risk Management at Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, for a fast-paced session we … Continued


July 10, 2024

Las Vegas, NV

Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG)

“Inspired Governance: How to Lead and Support the Board Your Organization Deserves,” “Artificial Intelligence Risks for Agencies,” “Connect and Lead: How to Overcome Risk Aversion and Embrace the Risks Your Mission Requires,” and “Fiscal Risk Management and Internal Controls”

October 25, 2023

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

SARC Fall Conference

“Join Me on a Journey: Storytelling in Risk Management” (keynote) and “How to Inspire a Risk-Aware, Safety-First Culture”

August 24, 2023

Atlanta, GA

National Community Action Partnership – Annual Conference

“Ch-Ch-Changes: Why Changing Everything is Hard and Necessary”

March 23, 2022


New York Alliance for Inclusion & Innovation

“Emerging Leaders Training, Part 2”

March 9, 2022


New York Alliance for Inclusion & Innovation

“Emerging Leaders Training, Part 1”