The Resilience Mindset: 7 Musts if Your Mission Matters

By Melanie Lockwood Herman and Whitney Thomey Across the vibrant and diverse nonprofit sector in the U.S. and internationally, leaders and teams are recognizing that we’re not going back. Initial thoughts of returning to a pre-pandemic state are dissipating as we collectively grasp the significant implications of a risk event for which an entire world … Continued

Lessons from the Pandemic: On the Road to the Next New Normal

Risk programs have been forced to adapt rapidly during the pandemic. All nonprofits have had to pivot in myriad ways to respond to the ever-changing situation. This “Black Swan” event left many nonprofits scrambling to adapt risk assessments, policies and procedures, and risk management practices. In this webinar, we explore graceful adaptations and silver linings … Continued

Risk and Resilience: The Board’s Role

By Melanie Lockwood Herman This month we’ve been fielding a variety of questions about the board’s risk role. Across the board, members of nonprofit governing teams want to support the missions they admire. Board members want to help an organization: 1. weather COVID-19, 2. bolster resilience, and 3. prepare to survive and thrive during the … Continued

3 Ways to Leverage Powerful Lessons

“Experience is inevitable. Learning is not.” – Paul J. H. Schoemaker By Melanie Lockwood Herman Have you ever asked a colleague to send you a reminder when a critical deadline or project is looming? Or have you ever added an alarm to your phone to prompt you while you’re developing a new habit? These cues … Continued


May 19, 2021


CalCPA Not-for-Profit Conference

“Managing Risk in Uncertain Times”


Georgia Community Action Association

“Crisis Management and COVID-19: Resilience Lessons from the Pandemic”

September 16, 2021


Community Action Partnership – Resilience Series

“How to Become the Resilient Leader Your Mission Requires”

August 19, 2021


Community Action Partnership – Resilience Series

“Accessing Resilience Resources from Public and Private Sources”

February 18, 2021


Community Action Partnership – Resilience Series

“Are You Ready? How to Assess Readiness and Apply Insights from the Past to Plans for the Future”