Building in Bounce: Resilience and Mission Success

“A company built for resilience is a company that is structured to last forever. This is different from a company built for stability. Stability, by its very definition, is about remaining the same.” – Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game By Melanie Lockwood Herman This week’s issue of McKinsey Quarterly features a set of “six key … Continued

Recession Risk: Look Back and Forward to Fortify Your Mission

By Rachel Sams How are you sleeping these days? Many nonprofit leaders might struggle to fall asleep due to worries about the economy. Experts believe 2023 will bring a U.S. recession, despite the economy making a stronger showing than expected at the end of the year. Fannie Mae, which finances mortgages, predicts the U.S. economy … Continued

How To: Create a Cross-Training Action Plan

Cross-training is an essential risk management function. It ensures someone in your organization can perform key tasks if the person who usually handles them is out of the office or unavailable for any reason. But cross-training has other benefits too: it can offer employees new challenges, help reduce staff turnover, and break down silos in … Continued

How to Build Your Nonprofit’s Resilience

A resilient organization has a strong foundation to weather adversity and bounce back better. With forethought and planning, all organizations can become more resilient. Here are nine ways to do it. Don’t rely on one source for your organization’s essentials. Have multiple sources for your nonprofit’s key supplies and services. If your nonprofit is small and … Continued

Manage Mission Risk with a Durable Theory of Change

By Rachel Sams Avoid “mission creep.” Avoid chasing contracts and grants that aren’t a fit for your nonprofit. Put structure around aspects of your nonprofit’s work and goals that can be “squishy.” Attendees at a webinar hosted by the Equitable Recovery Wallet late last year shared these phrases to describe what a theory of change … Continued


October 18, 2022

Ashburn, VA

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