De-escalation Techniques in the Workplace

Violence has increased in America, and people’s tempers may flare even in routine interactions. Learn how frontline staff and managers can bring down the heat in difficult conversations and be prepared if an interaction does escalate.  

What Nonprofits Need to Know About Conflict De-Escalation

Imagine you’re the director of client services at a nonprofit that serves unhoused people. You hold an open house to educate the public about your work and the challenges unhoused people face. A community member aggressively and repeatedly questions your executive director. She politely thanks the community member for his feedback and invites other attendees … Continued

How to De-Escalate Conflict

Violence has increased in America, and people’s tempers may flare even in routine interactions. Here are some strategies nonprofit employees can use to assess the level of conflict in a situation, bring down the heat in difficult conversations, and respond if an action does escalate. Assess: How Escalated Is the Conflict? Observe the conflict from a … Continued

How to Stay Calm in Tough Situations

We’ve all faced challenging situations at work. Sometimes we can step away to pause and collect ourselves, but sometimes conflict surfaces in the middle of a tense meeting or a challenging interaction with a client. Here are some things you can do in mere seconds to stay calm during a difficult interaction at your nonprofit. … Continued

How to Manage Across Generations

By Rachel Sams The conflicts began shortly after a staffing change at a former job. Suddenly, I was at odds with someone I’d thought I had a good working relationship with. She frequently checked in on my progress on tasks or pointed out places where she thought I’d skirted a rule. If you don’t trust … Continued


August 6, 2024

Napa, CA

National League of Cities – Municipal League Executive Directors and Deputies Workshop

“Inspired Governance: How to Lead and Support the Board Your League Deserves,” and “Reflections on Leadership: How to Turn Assumptions into Questions, Find the Wisdom in Conflict, and Get Comfortable with Uncertainty”

March 30, 2016


Webinar for NRMC Affiliate Member Program

“Dueling It Out: Addressing Common Board Conflicts with Confidence”