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“You Too: Workplace Harassment is Real”

Ho Ho Hold On There! Managing Office Party Risks (Episode 3)

~8.5 minutes | Recorded 12.16.17 Listen to this podcast to learn about office party risk management, including top risks to ward against when planning office holiday parties. Also meet The Risk Jockeys hosts, Melanie Lockwood Herman – Executive Director of the Nonprofit Risk Management Center (NRMC), and Derek Symer – Principal and Senior Vice President … Continued


Dream a Little Dream With Me: Channeling Chaos

By Melanie Lockwood Herman The word chaos has myriad negative connotations: confusion, disruption, frustration. Many risk leaders expect that evolving risk management capabilities will bring order, formality, and cadence. My team fields question after question about managing risk more effectively; no one has ever asked us to help a risk team create disorder from order … Continued

Safe and Supported: The Intersection of Psychological Safety and Fruitful Risk Practice

By Erin Gloeckner   “My input isn’t valued here.” “My coworkers always reject my ideas.” “I feel so stupid around my boss.” “I have to pick my battles.” “It will be safer for me if I keep my head down.” “I wanted to warn them, but I couldn’t risk being ridiculed again.” “I told them … Continued

Managing Risk & Safety: What’s New and What’s Next?

This webinar explores the changing risk landscape for nonprofit organizations and the risks that arise from our uncertain, evolving circumstances. Learn how to apply lessons from recent experience to your work to infuse a spirit and commitment to safety, resilience, and well-being. The NRMC team will highlight some of our interactive tools and resources that … Continued

Workplace Culture: The Foundation for Sound Risk Practice

By Whitney Thomey Workplace culture has gone viral. In less than a second, Google will return nearly 400,000,000 results on the question “What is workplace culture?” From surveys to engagements, renewed values statements to grand-scale reorganizations, nonprofit leaders are focusing on how culture is defined, infused, and perceived throughout the organization. Workplace culture is central … Continued


July 20, 2020


NeighborWorks America

“Time to Problem Solve! Managing Risk in the Windy Road to Your New Normal”

July 7, 2020


NeighborWorks America

“Resilience and Resumption: What You Need to Know and Do to Get Ready for a New Normal”

April 14, 2020


GCAA T&TA Institute

“Teaming During an Epidemic: How to Keep Remote Teams Motivated, Engaged and Focused”

April 8, 2020


North Carolina Center for Nonprofits

“Teaming During an Epidemic: How to Keep Remote Teams Motivated, Engaged and Focused”

May 16, 2018

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“You Too: Workplace Harassment is Real”