A Happier Hybrid: Managing The Risks of Hybrid Work

By Rachel Sams You likely worry about how hybrid work affects your nonprofit‘s employees. Then you probably get pulled right into the day’s crises or priority tasks. Crafting a smart hybrid work approach that fits your nonprofit sounds daunting. But excluding digital security, the big challenges of hybrid work center around office culture, productivity, and … Continued

Cultivate Curiosity to Fuel Risk-Aware Thinking

By Melanie Lockwood Herman “The world’s biggest untapped source of energy isn’t in the wind, water, or sun. It’s inside established organizations. These organizations. . .are populated with people who, like all people, entered the world naturally curious and creative. That curiosity and creativity has been blunted and constrained, but it is there.” – Eat, … Continued

Innovation and Risk Management: Perfect Partners or Strange Bedfellows?

By Melanie Lockwood Herman My sense of self is that I’m hard-wired to be logical and stubborn. If I could re-wire my brain, I’d pick new wires associated with creativity and flexibility. I studied oil painting a few years ago and produced a couple of pieces that were passable for amateur landscapes. But in retrospect, … Continued

Call It What It Is: Organizational Trauma Isn’t Burnout

By Rachel Sams One night a client attacks another client at the nonprofit where you work. You don’t hear about it for days—and then only through office gossip. Your nonprofit’s leaders brush off frontline employees’ demands for paid leave. A constant low boil of anger simmers in the break room. Your boss says you must … Continued

Dream a Little Dream With Me: Channeling Chaos

By Melanie Lockwood Herman The word chaos has myriad negative connotations: confusion, disruption, frustration. Many risk leaders expect that evolving risk management capabilities will bring order, formality, and cadence. My team fields question after question about managing risk more effectively; no one has ever asked us to help a risk team create disorder from order … Continued