Redundancy to Reduce Rattle

By Whitney Claire Thomey Being faced with our own personal mortality or the inevitability of losing a valued team member can feel paralyzing. Although uncertainty often inspires worry, there is one ‘risk’ about which you can be absolutely certain; everyone leaves eventually. I remember the day my grandfather walked in and proudly announced that he … Continued


2020 Risk Forecast: Risk Trends Facing Nonprofits

The jovial celebration of each passing year also ushers in a sense of unease and uncertainty: what will we face next? In 2020, nonprofit teams face new risks brought on by global megatrends as well as a few familiar risks that continue to morph and present new challenges. The NRMC team anticipates these risk trends … Continued

Do You Know How Much These Nonprofit Jobs Pay?

By Rachel Sams The Great Resignation continues to play out, as more than 4 million Americans quit their jobs in November. Competitive pay isn’t all it takes to recruit and retain great nonprofit employees—but it’s essential. And inflation has impacted what it takes to make nonprofit salaries competitive. All nonprofits will need to invest time … Continued

Pace of Change Worn You Out? You’re Not Alone

By Rachel Sams I led dozens of change management initiatives in my years running a newsroom. But the toughest professional change I ever faced came when I unexpectedly got a new boss. That’s a common reaction, according to an article from consultancy Gartner. Changes that affect someone’s daily work life, like an assignment to a … Continued


August 2, 2022


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“How to Reimagine and Re-engineer Staff Recruitment and Retention”

July 26, 2022


NeighborWorks America

“Fearless HR: How to Reinvent Recruitment, Retention and Employee Engagement”

June 2, 2022


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“Fearless HR: How to Reinvent Recruitment, Retention, and Employee Engagement in a Post Pandemic World”

November 17, 2021


NRMC Affiliate Member Webinar

“Sexual Harassment Prevention for Nonprofit Teams”