How To: Develop an Employee Mentor Program

Mentor programs can benefit employee engagement, skills development, and retention. Maybe you’ve wanted to start a mentor program at your nonprofit, but wondered where to begin. Here’s a checklist that will help you create a great mentor program to fit your nonprofit’s needs.

Cross-Training: Your Nonprofit’s Secret Risk Management Weapon

How many nonprofits have only one person to do the organization’s most important procedures? It might feel impossible to cross-train, but simple steps can lower your organization’s risk and better position it to help employees learn and grow. Leave this webinar with five things you can do right now to help your nonprofit build a … Continued

Tackle Training Tactfully

By Katharine Nesslage All employees will, at some point, encounter occasions when they need to learn or adapt their skillset to succeed in their role. Workplace training and cross-training enable staff to gain the necessary proficiencies to perform their duties while contributing to the organization. Strong training programs aid in risk mitigation, increase employee engagement, … Continued