2021: Are You Ready?

I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear. – Rosa Parks By Whitney Claire Thomey A common sentiment among anyone surviving the first year of this new decade is, “I can’t wait for this year to be over!” … Continued

Business Continuity Planning: 5 Steps to Build Resilience

Join this fast-paced webinar to learn the fundamentals of business continuity planning for nonprofits. The presenters will share 5 steps to building resilience that can be applied to any organization. They will also help you understand the key insurance-related issues and considerations applicable to business interruptions and continuity planning. Worried about the ‘next’ interruption or … Continued

Name the Elephant: Coping with the Biggest Risk to Your Mission

By Melanie Lockwood Herman This week I’m reading An Insider’s Guide to Risk Management, by David M. Rowe. In Chapter 8, Product Innovations and Insurgent Competition, Rowe explores the intersection of change and risk management. One of the themes in the chapter is what Rowe describes as the tendency to “concentrate so much on the … Continued

How to Prepare for 2021: Insights from NRMC Advisors

In early 2020 NRMC formed a Corporate Advisory Committee (CAC); the employers of CAC members provide financial support for NRMC’s educational mission. We invited members of this new advisory team for their insights on the impacts of COVID-19 and the recession, as well as their ideas about how to best prepare for 2021. For this … Continued

Learn, Adapt, Repeat

“Those at the top of an organization typically used to say that the answer lay in a sound plan. . . The reason for this is the underlying conceit that we can both know the future and master it. That has always been a dubious claim, but in today’s uncertain environment it is patently ridiculous. … Continued


February 4, 2021

virtual conference

Community Action Partnership – MLTC 2021

“Fostering Organizational Resilience”

August 11, 2020


Communities In Schools

“Safety First: Infusing Our New Normal with Proper Protections”

July 20, 2020


NeighborWorks America

“Time to Problem Solve! Managing Risk in the Windy Road to Your New Normal”

May 14, 2020


The NonProfit Times

“Executive Session – Rebooting and Managing After COVID-19”

April 22, 2020


North Carolina Center for Nonprofits

“Crisis Management: 5 Steps to Equip and Fortify Your Nonprofit to Thrive During a Crisis”