How to Secure Private and Confidential Data

Your nonprofit works hard to build trust with the people and communities you serve. To maintain that trust, you must safeguard the data that clients, constituents, partners, website users, and others share with you. Many nonprofits don’t have an on-site cybersecurity expert, but creating and applying some simple data security principles can make a big … Continued

The Top 10 of NRMC’s 2022 RISK eNews

By Rachel Sams This year, nonprofits faced new and ongoing challenges, from international conflict to inflation to rising demand for services. We worked with clients to meet these challenges and many more while staying true to their missions and strategizing for the future. Risk leaders found this year that it was important to have a … Continued

Data Do No Harm: Managing Data Equity Risk

All nonprofit teams rely on data to understand and address community needs. Yet, it’s easy to overlook how data use practices can perpetuate discrimination and undermine the very social justice causes nonprofits aim to remedy. This webinar explores how to use an equity lens when collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and distributing data. Leave the webinar better … Continued

Tips: Cybersecurity Defense

Cybersecurity is a common vulnerability for all nonprofits. This infographic offers tips on how to build resilience against a potential breach.

Build Your Cybersecurity Breach Defenses Before It’s Too Late

By Rachel Sams When a cybersecurity breach hits your organization, it’s too late to build optimal defenses. Your best opportunity to protect your nonprofit’s data exists now. It’s tough for any nonprofit to prepare for a crisis that hasn’t happened yet. Staffs and budgets are stretched thin everywhere. But with a reasonable amount of time … Continued


June 6, 2023

Salt Lake City, UT

Community Action Partnership of Utah – 2023 Annual Conference

“Tackle Your Top Risks with Systems Thinking,” and “Overcoming Fear of the Unknown: How to Inspire a Risk-Aware Posture for Cyber and Tech Risk”

March 23, 2023


UST Live

“Risk Management and Cyber Security”


NonProfit Insurance Program (NPIP) – Clear Risk Solutions

“Data Security: What You Need to Know”

February 25, 2021


Walker Area Community Foundation

“Data Security: What You Need to Know”