Framework to Implement a Cybersecurity Plan

by Afua Bruce for NTEN Once organizations understand what cybersecurity is and recognize that it is a threat to their operations, the next step is to assess what cyber risks the organization has. By conducting risk assessments and implementing appropriate protections, organizations can decrease the likelihood of a cybersecurity attack. Additionally, the risk assessment process … Continued

Know Your CyberSpeak: A Cyber Risk Glossary

Navigating the world of cyber risk often feels a lot like learning a foreign language. Terms and concepts can be confusing and unfamiliar. This Cyber Risk Glossary will help nonprofit leaders as they examine cyber liability insurance policies and develop the necessary technology-related security protocols to protect their missions. Cloud – The term “Cloud” refers … Continued



NonProfit Insurance Program (NPIP) – Clear Risk Solutions

“Data Security: What You Need to Know”

February 25, 2021


Walker Area Community Foundation

“Data Security: What You Need to Know”

June 25, 2020

Virtual Conference

Community Action Partnership of Utah – Virtual Conference

“Cyber Security 101” and “Considerations for Agencies when Working with Clients Remotely”

January 9, 2020

San Juan, PR

Community Action Partnership – Management and Leadership Training Conference

“Building Durable Risk Management Capabilities,” and “Not If, But When: Preparing for a Data Breach”