How to Secure Private and Confidential Data

Your nonprofit works hard to build trust with the people and communities you serve. To maintain that trust, you must safeguard the data that clients, constituents, partners, website users, and others share with you. Many nonprofits don’t have an on-site cybersecurity expert, but creating and applying some simple data security principles can make a big … Continued

2020 Risk Forecast: Risk Trends Facing Nonprofits

The jovial celebration of each passing year also ushers in a sense of unease and uncertainty: what will we face next? In 2020, nonprofit teams face new risks brought on by global megatrends as well as a few familiar risks that continue to morph and present new challenges. The NRMC team anticipates these risk trends … Continued

Data Do No Harm: Managing Data Equity Risk

All nonprofit teams rely on data to understand and address community needs. Yet, it’s easy to overlook how data use practices can perpetuate discrimination and undermine the very social justice causes nonprofits aim to remedy. This webinar explores how to use an equity lens when collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and distributing data. Leave the webinar better … Continued

Four Simple Steps to Improve Cyberhygiene at Your Nonprofit

by Rachel Sams Many nonprofits possess huge amounts of valuable data. Plenty of hackers would love to get their hands on the personal data of your employees and the individuals your organization serves, as well as confidential information pertinent to your operations. Over time, your organization will likely experience countless hack attempts. As we look … Continued



NonProfit Insurance Program (NPIP) – Clear Risk Solutions

“Data Security: What You Need to Know”

February 25, 2021


Walker Area Community Foundation

“Data Security: What You Need to Know”

June 25, 2020

Virtual Conference

Community Action Partnership of Utah – Virtual Conference

“Cyber Security 101” and “Considerations for Agencies when Working with Clients Remotely”

January 9, 2020

San Juan, PR

Community Action Partnership – Management and Leadership Training Conference

“Building Durable Risk Management Capabilities,” and “Not If, But When: Preparing for a Data Breach”