Building in Bounce: Resilience and Mission Success

“A company built for resilience is a company that is structured to last forever. This is different from a company built for stability. Stability, by its very definition, is about remaining the same.” – Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game By Melanie Lockwood Herman This week’s issue of McKinsey Quarterly features a set of “six key … Continued

2020 Risk Forecast: Risk Trends Facing Nonprofits

The jovial celebration of each passing year also ushers in a sense of unease and uncertainty: what will we face next? In 2020, nonprofit teams face new risks brought on by global megatrends as well as a few familiar risks that continue to morph and present new challenges. The NRMC team anticipates these risk trends … Continued

NRMC Launches Website with Free HR and Risk Resources for Nonprofits

By Rachel Sams This spring, the Nonprofit Risk Management Center convened diverse focus groups of leaders of small and midsize nonprofits. The leaders shared their biggest human resources and risk management challenges. We were awed by the immense responsibilities these leaders juggle to run their organizations. And we were inspired by the opportunity to provide … Continued

With Regret

By Melanie Lockwood Herman “Human beings are impressive creatures. We can fly planes, compose operas, and bake scones. But we generally stink at divining what other people think and anticipating how they will behave. Worse, we don’t realize how inept we are at these skills.” – Daniel Pink, The Power of Regret If you’re a … Continued

Whether it’s Pastry or Risk Process, Use a Light Touch for a Perfect Result

By Melanie Lockwood Herman If you’ve ever served a pie whose crust was tough instead of flaky, you may have overworked the dough before baking. This frequent error can happen when you’re mixing the dough or when you’re rolling and shaping it. Experienced bakers learn that a light touch is the secret ingredient to memorable … Continued


February 9, 2022


New York Alliance for Inclusion and Innovation

“You’ve Got This! Engaging Others in Risk Assessment and Risk Management”


Philippa M. Guthrie, Indiana University

I was searching for a basic discussion of related party transactions and conflicts of interest on the web because a colleague asked me about a knotty situation. Your article on this topic popped up and was perfect!–Concise, informative and exactly on point. Thank you for providing such useful commentaries to nonprofits.

Tara Wolfe, Resource Sharing Project

I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent work you do. I work with nonprofit anti-sexual assault coalitions and enjoy thinking about how your guidance applies to coalition/association practices. I especially like hearing about what books the Center staff members are reading and how you connect them to the work you do. In … Continued

Matt Smith, Detour Travel

Melanie, I just wanted to let you know how much I value the great stuff you send out and the Center’s weekly eNews. I’ve seen in your trainings how well you know the research and how thoughtful you are. So when I see your name in my inbox, I know it will be worth reading. … Continued