How to Become the Resilient Leader Your Mission Requires

Risk management leaders require personal resilience and a strong sense of balance, helping their organizations avoid harm while enabling growth after disruptive experiences. Watch this webinar to learn what constitutes resilient leadership as a risk professional or individual contributor to a nonprofit’s mission. Enjoy a countdown of ten compelling characteristics every resilient leader endeavors to … Continued

How to Be the Manager You Wish You Had

by Melanie Lockwood Herman “There are two important days in a person’s life—the day you are born and the day that you figure out why.” – Mark Twain During the past few weeks, I’ve finished two books that offer thought-provoking insights on managerial musts—and potential missteps—in the journey to a post-COVID-19 workplace. Becoming a better … Continued

Traveling via TARDIS: Managing Risk with the Risk Time Machine

Prepare for risk events while traveling in style and across time like The Doctor. Doctor who, you ask? This time The Doctor is YOU! Attend this webinar to learn how to use NRMC’s Risk Time Machine worksheet to assess a specific risk while practicing both reflection and foresight. Learn how to lead a team through … Continued

Fuzzy Futures: Managing Uncertainty with Scenario Planning

Events like the COVID-19 pandemic provide sobering wake-up calls to nonprofit leaders, who must execute their missions today and tomorrow despite unnervingly uncertain futures. To better prepare for surviving unpredictable, unthinkable events or futures far from today’s reality, watch this webinar to learn about the art of scenario planning. Leave the webinar with a basic … Continued

Pace of Change Worn You Out? You’re Not Alone

By Rachel Sams I led dozens of change management initiatives in my years running a newsroom. But the toughest professional change I ever faced came when I unexpectedly got a new boss. That’s a common reaction, according to an article from consultancy Gartner. Changes that affect someone’s daily work life, like an assignment to a … Continued