How to: Empower Your Employees to Make More Decisions

Ever wonder why staff members hesitate when you ask them to make a decision? Some aspects of your workplace culture may create unintentional barriers to independent decision-making by employees. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. Here’s how to foster a culture of independent decision-making at your nonprofit.

Applying a Risk-Aware Frame to Your Nonprofit’s Most Impactful Decisions

Many nonprofit leaders might not think about risk until a board member or committee asks them to or an unanticipated development or event disrupts operations. A risk-aware approach can help your nonprofit make better decisions in all aspects of its work. Bringing a risk lens to your work doesn’t have to be taxing or complex. … Continued

Does Your Nonprofit Live Up to Its Values?

by Melanie Lockwood Herman I recently finished reading a thoughtful book titled Strategic Risk Leadership: Context and Cases by Toben Juul Andersen and Peter C. Young. I found Chapter 4, titled “Risk leadership as a moral endeavor,” especially intriguing. In that chapter, the authors write that “…leadership can be moral or immoral, and therefore leadership … Continued

How to Become the Resilient Leader Your Mission Requires

Risk management leaders require personal resilience and a strong sense of balance, helping their organizations avoid harm while enabling growth after disruptive experiences. Watch this webinar to learn what constitutes resilient leadership as a risk professional or individual contributor to a nonprofit’s mission. Enjoy a countdown of ten compelling characteristics every resilient leader endeavors to … Continued

How to Be the Manager You Wish You Had

by Melanie Lockwood Herman “There are two important days in a person’s life—the day you are born and the day that you figure out why.” – Mark Twain During the past few weeks, I’ve finished two books that offer thought-provoking insights on managerial musts—and potential missteps—in the journey to a post-COVID-19 workplace. Becoming a better … Continued