The Promise No Consultant Should Make This Year

By Rachel Sams  ‘Tis the season for 2024 outlooks to flood our email inboxes (NRMC has one too: our annual Risk Insights white paper, coming soon!). Many of these missives come from consultants who promise to help you “future-proof” and “de-risk” your organization’s most important endeavors.  A piece of beachfront property in New Mexico, where … Continued

Manage Mission Risk with a Durable Theory of Change

By Rachel Sams Avoid “mission creep.” Avoid chasing contracts and grants that aren’t a fit for your nonprofit. Put structure around aspects of your nonprofit’s work and goals that can be “squishy.” Attendees at a webinar hosted by the Equitable Recovery Wallet late last year shared these phrases to describe what a theory of change … Continued

How to Handle the One Thing That’s Certain: Uncertainty

By Rachel Sams What are the big issues your nonprofit’s leaders worry about when they can’t sleep? Racial and social justice? Climate change? Inflation and economic uncertainty? All of the above? Does your nonprofit invest time to talk about these issues and potential ways to address them? Or do leaders move from one pressing day-to-day … Continued

Choose Essential: Define Your Singular Risk Priority

By Melanie Lockwood Herman This week I’ve been reading Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown. The book’s themes touch on a prickly subject for me: saying “no.” A very wise friend once told me that we often say yes out of fear that if we say no, we won’t get asked again. … Continued

Take 10: Resume and Thrive Strategies

By Melanie Lockwood Herman and Whitney Claire Thomey The effects of a global pandemic have caused many nonprofits to quickly scale back and shutter programs, send staff home, and redeploy resources to stop the spread of COVID-19. No organization was immune from the need to make fast, and in some cases, immediate decisions about what … Continued