Fun in the Sun: Summertime Event Safety Tips

By Rachel Sams One of the most memorable summertime nonprofit events I’ve attended is the Parade of Playhouses, which supports New Mexico Appleseed, an organization that seeks to address issues related to child poverty in the state. Design professionals created playhouses that were auctioned off to raise money for New Mexico Appleseed. Event attendees checked … Continued

Managing Special Event Risks

Special events continue to be popular in the nonprofit sector. Whether your upcoming event is designed as a fundraiser, as a way to raise awareness for your mission or cause, or both, an assortment of risks will be featured along with the plentiful buffet and enthusiastic crowd. Attend this webinar to learn what’s new” in … Continued

Managing Special Event Risks: Practical Strategies for Nonprofits

Special events are increasingly common in the nonprofit sector. Yet safety often and unfortunately takes a back seat. If your nonprofit sponsors even one event annually, whether it’s an athletic competition held outdoors or a fundraising dinner, you need to begin incorporating the principles of special events risk management into your planning agenda and event … Continued

Managing Special Event Risks

Special events are multifaceted opportunities for surprise. When your nonprofit is planning a special event is the time to consider what can go wrong and what harm can come to your critical assets – the people, income, reputation and goodwill of the organization. Is your nonprofit ready to deal with: unexpected large crowds, guests that … Continued