Survey Says: Contracting Risk Survey Insights

by Rachel Sams You’ve just accepted a new role as a nonprofit CEO or risk leader. You quickly realize that, before you arrived, no one was formally assigned responsibility for reviewing contracts. When issues arise with vendors, you find incomplete files and partially executed agreements. That’s just one of the stories we heard when we … Continued

Managing Contracting Risk: How Do Your Practices Stack Up?

by Melanie Lockwood Herman The expression “nothing is certain except death and taxes,” is attributed to Benjamin Franklin. This week, in between reading a terrific book on The Swedish Art of Aging Exuberantly, I’m pondering a third inevitability for nonprofit organizations: contracting snafus. If your organization is like every other we’ve advised and supported over … Continued

Managing Risk in Tech Vendor Selection

Choosing a technology vendor can feel like learning an entirely new language and consume valuable staff time your team would rather spend on something else! And because tech contracts and marketing materials are filled with unfamiliar terms, some nonprofit teams lean towards “trust” instead of “verify.” This webinar provides an overview of the risks that … Continued