Managing Special Event Risks

Special events are multifaceted opportunities for surprise. When your nonprofit is planning a special event is the time to consider what can go wrong and what harm can come to your critical assets – the people, income, reputation and goodwill of the organization. Is your nonprofit ready to deal with: unexpected large crowds, guests that out-stay their welcome, unpredictable weather, alcohol and food service, onsite volunteers, permits, contracts with vendors, certificates of insurance, security details, and parking? Watch this Webinar to be prepared!

Watch this Webinar to:

  • Identify and assess the specific risks that could derail your special event.
  • Determine what insurance coverage may be needed for the nonprofit and volunteers.
  • Be prepared to accommodate volunteers’ and guests’ requirements at special events.
  • Learn the Center’s 10 steps to help your nonprofit plan, prepare for, and run a safe event.

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