Recession Lessons and Insights

We asked experienced nonprofit leaders to share their experiences managing risk in previous recessions, and what they learned. Here are three of their stories. I was in charge of our accreditation department during the 2020 recession caused by COVID. I think for 2020, at the end of the day, my focus was always on the … Continued

Recession Risk: Look Back and Forward to Fortify Your Mission

By Rachel Sams How are you sleeping these days? Many nonprofit leaders might struggle to fall asleep due to worries about the economy. Experts believe 2023 will bring a U.S. recession, despite the economy making a stronger showing than expected at the end of the year. Fannie Mae, which finances mortgages, predicts the U.S. economy … Continued

Is Financial Oversight Your Weakest Link?

By Melanie Lockwood Herman This week I finished reading a terrific new book, Money Matters for Nonprofits: How Board Members Can Harness the Power of Financial Statements by Understanding Basic Accounting, by Melisa F. Galasso. Melisa kindly sent me a copy after learning about NRMC from a friend, who spoke at this year’s Virtual Risk … Continued

How to Prepare Your Nonprofit for a Recession

By Rachel Sams Economists surveyed by Bloomberg in August put the likelihood of a U.S. recession within the next year at almost 50%. The economists also increased their inflation estimates for each quarter in 2023. That’s worrisome news for nonprofits walloped by the rising cost of supplies and for donors who may have to cut … Continued

Fraud Risk: Every Nonprofit Mission is Exposed

by Whitney Claire Thomey The US Internal Revenue Service and international organizations have teamed up to call attention to Charity Fraud Awareness Week, which takes place in October. Fraud awareness and prevention are top concerns for nonprofit leaders. What’s more, with the explosion of cybercrimes, this is a risk that affects all nonprofits no matter … Continued


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