The Best of NRMC’s Resilience Resources

Resilience is a subject that is top of mind for many nonprofit leaders today. At NRMC, we believe that building organizational resilience is a core component of effective risk management. Today’s RISK eNews presents a collection of resilience resources developed by our team.

Business Continuity Planning

Business continuity planning (BCP) is one of the best ways to strengthen your organization’s resilience. A practical BCP is a helpful roadmap or playbook when an event or circumstances beyond your control disrupt ‘normal’ operations. And remember that it’s not just the plan that will bolster your ability to bounce back, the process of creating the plan builds resilience muscle!

Explore our latest issue of Risk Management Essentials (RME), the BCP Issue, for three great articles to help you ignite support for a continuity project at your organization. Don’t miss the following additional articles for practical BCP tips:

Learning from Failure

In high-performing risk management functions, failures, and mistakes offer powerful opportunities to strengthen the resilience of your organization. Explore these NRMC pieces that lift up the benefits of learning from experience and loss:

Resilient Teams = Resilient Organizations

Resilient organizations are made up of resilient teams. Nonprofit leaders can bolster organizational resilience by building internal team resilience. Check out these resources focused on tried and true methods for helping your nonprofit’s staff to bounce back when disruptions occur. 


Sometimes knowing how to ask the right questions to promote growth and uncover gaps can be the most challenging aspect of building resilience. NRMC recognizes the importance of questioning in your resilience toolkit. Check out these recent articles for some great questions to ask of your team, your organization, and your board:

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