Strategic Risk Engagement

Although preventable risks often garner the greatest attention of risk professionals, risks related to strategy are potentially more significant. The strategic risks your nonprofit embraces are directly linked to your ultimate success, impact and sustainability. Effective strategic risk management empowers your nonprofit to take on higher-risk, mission-advancing ventures with confidence and skill.

Does your team need a trustworthy, experienced facilitator in your journey to explore, validate and refresh key strategies and associated risks? We can support your goals to link thoughtful strategic planning to enterprise risk management. We will work with your team to complete a Risk and Strategy Map, and deliver practical recommendations to help you anticipate and respond to great opportunities, as well as threats to your mission and strategic goals.

Deliverables for a Strategic Risk Engagement include:

  • Facilitation of an accessible strategic planning and risk appetite workshop that will reconnect your governing board or senior leadership team to your nonprofit’s mission, while eliciting productive conversation about your nonprofit’s risk appetite and strategic opportunities
  • An independent analysis of your most pressing strategic risks and opportunities, delivered in a written report that includes NRMC’s analysis of workshop results, stakeholder interviews, and your strategic plan (and any related documentation)
  • A framework for vetting strategic risks and opportunities, as well as a plan and/or metrics for evaluating your nonprofit’s strategic risk management capabilities
  • A Risk and Strategy Map to provide a high-level overview of engagement results and next steps to your stakeholders (the NRMC team will work with you to determine an appropriate Map format—visual or written)
  • Engagement briefings to key leadership, management and oversight groups
  • Post-engagement coaching and support, including implementation assistance for new or revised strategies and risk management activities

We are proud to be a trusted advisor to nonprofit leadership teams. To discuss the intersection of strategic planning and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), or to request a proposal for a Strategic Risk Engagement, contact Kay Nakamura ( or Melanie Lockwood Herman ( at 703.777.3504.