Workplace Privacy: Steering Clear of Danger While Protecting Your Nonprofit

The issue of privacy in the workplace presents challenges for nonprofit employers. While on one hand employers do not want employees to feel uneasy because “big brother” is watching their every move, smart employers know that full access to an employee’s physical and electronic workspace is necessary for legal compliance and to protect the assets of the organization. Fear of invading an employee’s privacy could have troubling results for a nonprofit – inadvertently hiring someone whose presence threatens the workplace because the interviewer was fearful that a question might invade the applicant’s privacy, or failing to investigate an employee’s visits to inappropriate Web sites.

Watch this Web Seminar if:

  • You are concerned that your nonprofit may not be effective in monitoring employee conduct due to a fear of invading an employee’s privacy;
  • You want clarity about how far you can and should go in investigating the backgrounds of prospective employees or volunteers.

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