Third-Party Harassment: Is Your Nonprofit at Risk?

This 60-minute seminar offers a practical look at the topic of third-party harassment. While most nonprofit leaders are aware of their obligations to reduce the risk of harassment between staff members, greater awareness of third-party harassment is needed to adequately protect an organization.

  • Do your supervisors know that the organization could be found legally responsible for harassment of a staff member committed by a third-party (e.g., vendor, client)?
  • Do your staff know that your nonprofit expressly prohibits inappropriate conduct or harassment directed at a third party?

Watch this Web Seminar if:

  • You are concerned about whether your current employment policies adequately protect the nonprofit against third-party harassment claims; You are unfamiliar with recent cases involving third party harassment and wish to increase your understanding of the exposure to your nonprofit;
  • You’re looking for practical advice on minimizing the risk of third-party harassment in your nonprofit.

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