Responding to Allegations of Abuse

Nonprofits that serve vulnerable populations (including children, the elderly and persons with disabilities) work hard to deliver vital services without inadvertently causing harm. Yet in addition to working hard to prevent harm, every nonprofit that works with vulnerable clients should develop a plan of action in the event the unthinkable happens. This Webinar provides a frank discussion of what an organization must do (and must not do) when responding to allegations of abuse. Research and other evidence has clearly demonstrated that how an organization reacts to allegations plays a major role in the cost and consequences of any subsequent claims filed by alleged victims.

Watch the recording of this Web Seminar if:

  • You are concerned about the adequacy of your nonprofit’s existing strategies and policies for responding to allegations of abuse
  • You believe that your nonprofit is not sufficiently prepared for the unthinkable
  • You want to learn practical strategies for designing an effective response to allegations that protects your mission and assets but demonstrates compassion to alleged victims
  • You want to hear a straightforward discussion of do’s and don’ts in responding to allegations of abuse
  • You want to pose questions to a risk management expert about how you can develop effective strategies for responding to allegations of abuse committed by staff, volunteers, clients or third-parties.

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