Putting Your Insurance Program Out to Bid: A Practical Approach

Is your nonprofit paying a fair price for its insurance coverage? Are you receiving the services you deserve from your agent or broker? If you or any member of your board has asked one of these questions recently you might want to consider putting your insurance program out to bid. Doing so is often seen as a daunting process, which leads many busy nonprofit executives to remain loyal to an agent or broker with whom they are not fully satisfied. In other cases a nonprofit leader may renew the organization’s insurance coverage over and over again without taking a close at its suitability for the nonprofit’s changing needs.

Watch this Web Seminar if:

  • You want to hear from about the various options for putting a nonprofit’s insurance program out to bid; You’re considering putting your program out to bid but you need practical tips about getting started; You’re committed to identifying the best qualified insurance advisor for your nonprofit;
  • Your insurance agent or broker has told you that he or she has shopped the insurance market on your behalf but returns each year with a quotation from just one company/carrier.

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Webinar Handout – Putting Your Insurance Program Out to Bid

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