Principles of Youth Protection

What are the conditions that allow children and youth to be abused by individuals working as employees and volunteers in nonprofit programs? What strategies are useful to nonprofits that want to lessen the opportunity for abuse by staff members?

This Web Seminar introduces viewers to the Seven Principles of Child and Youth Protection. These principles form the foundation upon which your organization should build strategies to protect the children and youth it serves. Adherence to the principles presented in this Web seminar enables your nonprofit to fulfill its obligation to take reasonable steps to protect the young people you serve from harm while participating in your organization’s programs – harm inflicted by adult employees and volunteers or harm caused by other youth.

Watch the recording of this Web Seminar if:

  • You are concerned about protecting the children your nonprofit serves
  • You are committed to protecting your adult caregivers from false allegations
  • Your insurance company has recently imposed new risk management requirements
  • You want to hear a straightforward explanation and discussion of guiding rules for effective youth protection
  • You want to pose questions to a risk management expert about the way your nonprofit works to protect young clientele while continuing to offer meaningful programs that attract enthusiastic volunteers.

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