Managing Technology Risks: Employee and Volunteer Blogs, e-Commerce, and Internet Piracy

Organizations are finding that technology is both a blessing and a curse: easy access to information on the outside can also mean easy access by the public to the nonprofit’s proprietary information and to employees’ use (and abuse) of the Internet. Blogs, employees’/volunteers’ Web sites and e-mail, as well as e-commerce activities of nonprofits themselves each result in constantly emerging risks. Watch this Webinar to learn how to address these risks through policies and practices at your nonprofit.

Watch this Webinar to:

  • Learn how Weblogs can bring opportunity and risk to your nonprofit, including: defamation, discrimination and harassment claims.
  • Learn how policies and procedures can help nonprofits control access to the nonprofit’s assets of reputation and resources.
  • Become aware of the legal and practice risks of e-commerce from a nonprofit’s Web site.
  • Get questions answered about the legal regulation of fund raising over the Internet.

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