Managing Legal Risks in a Nonprofit

The American legal system is the subject of ongoing debate, countless publications, and a growing number of television dramas and situation comedies. It’s even the stuff good novels are made of. Yet the legal field is intimidating – many laypersons (non lawyers) feel that lawyers speak a different language, view the world through a lens of cynicism, and disregard practical matters when making recommendations about the way in which a nonprofit organization should operate. It doesn’t have to be that way. Laypersons serving management roles in nonprofits can, without investing in a formal legal education, learn liability basics, and use a wide range of legal resources to inform decision-making for their organizations. What’s required is taking time to understand the liability environment in which your organization operates. You also need to learn some legal basics that will enable your nonprofit to:

  • understand what steps are important to steering clear of legal trouble, minimizing the risk of lawsuits; and claims, and refraining from jeopardizing the nonprofit’s position in a legal battle;
  • proceed confidently with your mission without unwarranted fear of legal liability and frivolous lawsuits;
  • manage your affairs in a way that complies with legal rules and requirements; and
  • fortify the organization to withstand a legal challenge.

Watch the recording of this Web Seminar if:

  • You are concerned about the legal risks faced by your nonprofit; You want to learn practical strategies for managing legal risks in your organization; You want to hear a jargon-free discussion of legal issues with which nonprofit leaders should be familiar;
  • You want to pose questions to a risk management expert about how you can take steps to fortify your nonprofit to withstand a legal challenge.


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