Managing Domestic Violence in the Workplace: Protecting Your Staff and Your Nonprofit

Employers who address domestic violence can provide real help to victims and reduce the associated risks to the nonprofit. Domestic violence can affect the workplace in many ways from lost productivity, to the failure to accommodate a worker that may be mandated by federal or state law. Learn about new laws in a growing number of states that extend leaves of absences to victims of domestic violence and how to craft policies for your own nonprofit that protect both victims and the nonprofit.

Watch this Webinar to:

  • Identify and recognize the signs of abuse in an employee/volunteer.
  • Learn why training the staff about domestic violence is important.
  • How domestic violence affects all staff.
  • Why domestic violence is a productivity, safety and health concern.
  • Understand the liability risks facing the nonprofit employer who has not properly addressed domestic violence at work.
  • Plan ahead so that when domestic violence impacts your nonprofit, you’ll be ready

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