Ladder of Inference

The Ladder of Inference technique is a tool to help prevent common biases and human tendencies from derailing your risk management program. Inspired by the tool developed by organizational development guru Chris Argyris, this workshop begins with a review of four common mistakes in risk practice: (1) faulty assumptions; (2) superficial learning from loss; (3) choosing beliefs over evidence; (4) the rush to judgment.

This webinar offers you instructions on facilitating a Ladder of Inference workshop for your own team, allowing your team to apply this hands-on risk management technique. Working in small teams, you can explore three risk-inspired scenarios, which are provided in the webinar handout.

The Ladder of Inference offers a practical way to ensure that risk decisions are grounded in facts and that beliefs and past experience provide a more complete picture of your environment and circumstances. After viewing this webinar, you’ll leave with tools and insights to engage your team in more productive risk assessment and risk management planning, and the ability to avoid the tendency to fall into the same thinking traps time after time. Plus, if you facilitate the workshop for your own team, you can get them talking about risk in a fun, collaborative way. Refer to both the webinar and the handout for instructions on facilitating this workshop yourself.

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