Employment at Will: Sacred Cow or Dinosaur?

The concept of “employment at will” is often comforting to nonprofit managers. For these managers the fear of employment litigation is lessened by the theory that “we have employment at will – we can fire people at any time.” Other managers believe the opposite: that terminating a staff member for any reason other than gross misconduct leaves an organization exposed to claims. A closer look at recent cases and litigation in this area reveals both good news and not so good news. Nonprofit leaders must understand the concept of employment at will in order to guard against avoidable employment claims and fortify their organizations to defend any claims that occur.

Watch this Web Seminar if:

  • You want to strengthen your nonprofit’s employment practices
  • You want to stop doing things that diminish or erode your policy of employment at will
  • You want to strengthen management’s ability to safely terminate poor performers or workers who pose safety risks
  • You want to consider practical steps for putting employment at will to work in your nonprofit.

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