If I Only Had a Brain: Neuroscience and Risk Management

Cajoling colleagues into supporting risk management initiatives isn’t easy. Did you know that:

  • the “laggy, lazy and distracted” brains of your staff and volunteers are hard-wired with roadblocks to risk-aware thinking and decision-making?
  • various thinking patterns—including both intuitive shortcuts and analytical long-routes—send teams into dangerous territory, depending on the risk issue facing your team?

NRMC collaborator Diana Del Bel Belluz of Risk Wise Inc. joined NRMC’s Melanie Lockwood Herman for this webinar, to discuss how zainy brainy barriers to risk management can be overcome. Watch this program to learn practical insights from neuroscience to strengthen risk management practices in your nonprofit.

Enjoy presenter Diana Del Bel Belluz’s related article, “The Neuroscience of Enterprise Risk Management,” which was published in the Autumn 2017 issue of the Conference Board of Canada’s Risk Watch journal.

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