Benefits in the Nonprofit Workplace: Balancing Risk and Reward

Employee benefits can include employee insurance coverage (medical, life, dental, disability, unemployment and worker’s compensation), paid leave and holidays, and contributions to retirement plans, as well as a host of other fringe benefits” that are valuable to attract and retain staff in a competitive hiring environment. Offering too many or too few, benefits can throw a nonprofit’s budget, programs – and ultimately its mission – off course. Watch this Webinar to hear from a benefits expert about emerging trends in nonprofit benefits and how to reduce risks related to your employees’ participation in your nonprofit’s benefits package.

Watch this Webinar to:

  • Analyze the competition’s benefit menus.
  • Determine what aspects of your nonprofit’s benefits are required by law.
  • Weigh market position with and without certain benefits.
  • Assess the risks to the organization if the benefit menu is too sparse or too generous.

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