This Is It

By Melanie Herman

Several years ago I took my daughter to see the documentary, “This Is It,” about the rehearsals for Michael Jackson’s come-back tour. Prior to seeing the film I can’t say I was a fan of MJ’s music. But somehow, the film’s ‘behind the scenes’ look at the ill-fated tour got me hooked on the singer’s music. Now, instead of quickly changing the station when a Michael Jackson song begins, I turn up the volume.

The title of the documentary came to mind today as I was thinking about some of the great sessions we have planned for the 2013 Risk SUMMIT in Boston. This year we’re offering several brand new, how-to sessions that are truly “this is it” opportunities for risk professionals. Our new sessions include:

  • Magic Tricks: Making Risk Management Training Fun — This new workshop is a must for nonprofit risk champions who recognize the importance of staff and volunteer training. Let’s face it, if you can’t make risk management training entertaining, your important message may never get through to an audience. Your staff trainees may give their full attention to the smartphones in their laps, instead of the message in your pretty PPT. Speaker Paul Samson promises to deliver a highly interactive showcase of tricks to make risk management training fun, thought-provoking and memorable.
  • The Risk Management Function: Custom Fit versus Ready Made — NRMC Project Manager Alex Ricketts and I are co-presenting this new session where we promise to take the mystery out of the risk management function. We will share actual examples of how risk management programs come to life in nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and internationally. Stop wondering about the possibilities and join us to learn how high-performing nonprofits deliver on the promise to protect assets and free up resources for mission-advancing programs and services.

Another reason the film “This Is It” came to mind this week is that Friday is the last day we’re able to offer the early-bird registration rate for this year’s SUMMIT. If you register before Friday, you’ll save an extra $100 to attend what we guarantee will be a fun and informative educational event. And if you book your room at the funky conference hotel, The Revere, before August 2nd, you will be able to enjoy an affordable, yet beautiful and comfortable room steps away from conference sessions.

Melanie Herman is Executive Director of the Nonprofit Risk Management Center. She welcomes your calls and questions about any risk topic and the Center’s products and services. Contact Melanie at: or 703.777.3504.

The Real “This Is It”

This week we’re saying a fond farewell to our unflappable Office Manager, Sue Weir Jones. If you’ve ever purchased a Center product, called about my availability for a speaking engagement, or registered for a Center webinar or conference, you’ve experienced Sue’s professionalism, enthusiasm and attention to detail. During her five year period of service to the Center’s mission, Sue has made an extraordinary contribution to our vision and to our bottom line. She was the only staff member who remained calm during a summer when we released four new books and two new cloud applications, and she recently helped recruit and train our three newest staff professionals. “Thank you for everything!” is inadequate to express the staff and board’s gratitude for Sue’s leadership. We wish her great success in her next work adventure! — Melanie Herman