Ready for Change: Risk Imperatives for 2024

by Rachel Sams and Melanie Lockwood Herman

Are you and your team reeling from a constant barrage of pivots, reinventions, and reimaginations? Hoping change will slow down in 2024?

Not a chance. The pace of change for nonprofits and the world around us won’t even stay the same. It will accelerate.

Those rapid changes hold upside and downside risks that stretch the limits of our imaginations. The shifts happening now could crack the foundation of systemic racism and all the other isms for good—or they could set efforts for equality back decades. These waves of change could unleash forces that help your nonprofit deliver its mission in ways you’ve never dreamed, or render your organization obsolete.

Amid this volatile landscape, we’ve identified a handful of issues where nonprofit risk leaders should focus in 2024. To tackle any of these issues, your nonprofit needs to improve at change management. This is challenging work—but we have specific recommendations to help. And every step your nonprofit takes to better navigate change will help you more effectively deliver your mission. Continue reading