For the Love of Learning

Learning Lessons from NRMC’s Executive Director

NRMC’s Melanie Lockwood Herman was recently inspired to see a consulting client devote a full day for all-staff training on topics ranging from diversity and inclusion to managing up. Melanie is an advocate for lifelong learning and professional development. Look back at some of Melanie’s articles on the topic of learning:


Learning Fail: Harassment Prevention Training Doesn’t Work!

Many organizations have recently committed to re-learning how to prevent and identify harassment in the workplace. A June 2016 EEOC report indicated that harassment training has rarely worked as a prevention tool because it’s often focused on limiting legal liability.

Get Melanie’s perspective on in her workshop, #HereToo: Workplace Harassment is Real, at our upcoming virtual conference Risk Connect. Also read Melanie’s recent article, “Workplace Harassment: An Unacceptable Risk.”

Neuroscience & Risk Management

Our recent webinar If I Only Had a Brain: Neuroscience & Risk Management, explores thinking and decision-making patterns that can either bolster or impede risk management efforts.

Read the free accompanying articles by webinar co-presenters Diana Del Bel Belluz, President of Risk Wise Inc., and NRMC’s Executive Director, Melanie Lockwood Herman:

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NRMC Professional Development Opportunities

During 2018, the NRMC team offers two new exciting professional development opportunities for nonprofit leaders and corporate supporters of the nonprofit sector.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Webinar Series

Join us for a five-part webinar series exploring the emerging discipline of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). NRMC presenters will share insights and practical advice learned from our consulting engagements, inspiring you to develop or augment ERM capabilities in your nonprofit.

  • ERM 101 (now available on-demand)
  • Risk Reporting & Engaging the Board in Risk Oversight (April 25)
  • Setting & Applying Your Risk Appetite (May 30)
  • Strategic Risk Assessment & Management (June 27)
  • Evaluating Your ERM Program (July 25)

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All ERM series webinars are at 2:00 pm Eastern.