Announcing… NRMC’s 2021 Risk Education Calendar!

The NRMC team is excited to announce next year’s risk education calendar. Our Affiliate Members enjoy a 25% discount on registration to the Risk Summit and preferred pricing to the upcoming ERM Symposium. In addition, only Affiliates have access to NRMC’s live webinars covering pressing risk topics.

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ERM Symposium

Monday, April 12, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Eastern
The ERM Symposium is open to any nonprofit risk leader, champion, or NRMC Affiliate. This brand-new educational event is designed for experienced risk leaders who are responsible for building, evolving or supporting ERM programs or functions in charitable, scientific, educational, humanitarian, health and philanthropic organizations as well as professional associations.

The day-long Symposium will include workshops as well as small cohort discussion groups. Topics that will be covered during the ERM Symposium include:

  • A guided tour of ERM in the nonprofit sector
  • How to build ERM tools and frameworks
  • Overcoming internal resistance to ERM
  • Syncing ERM to your nonprofit’s values
  • And more!

The ERM Symposium will be a hybrid event held online and also at Convene at 1201 Wilson Boulevard in Arlington, VA. Convene is a modern conference center known as an “event sanctuary in the sky.” Learn more about Convene’s operating and safety protocols here.
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Risk Leadership Certificate Program

This immersive risk management education program is an intensive, advanced course for nonprofit risk champions. Over the course of three weekends, cohort members will explore six core competencies of risk management:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Culture
  • Risk Function Design
  • Insurance Program Oversight
  • Risk Communication
  • Risk Reporting

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Affiliate Member Webinar Calendar

If you are not yet an Affiliate Member, but are interested in registering for an upcoming session, call Katharine Nesslage at 540.818.1003 or email Katharine.

Below is a preview of the NRMC 2021 Affiliate Member Webinar Calendar. Watch the Affiliate Member portal for registration links!

What We’re Learning from our Favorite Recent Reads 
Wednesday, January 13th, at 2 pm Eastern
Join this webinar to learn interesting insights, thought-provoking ah-ha moments, and tangible takeaways from our favorite ‘reads’ from the past year. Learn lessons from philosophers across the ages, modern-day leadership gurus, and even a rocket scientist. Leave this webinar with newfound inspiration to lead the risk team in your organization.

From Service Provider to Mission Champion: How to Maximize Your Relationship with Insurance Advisors
Wednesday, March 17th at 2 pm Eastern
Insurance agents and brokers who specialize in helping nonprofits are too often an underutilized, untapped resource. In some cases, that’s because nonprofit buyers believe that coverage is a commodity and mistakenly only view their agent or broker as a salesperson. In other instances, it’s because the agent or broker fails to communicate the ‘value-added’ support and services they can provide. This webinar explores agents’ and brokers’ roles and strategies for maximizing the value your insurance advisor brings to your mission. Learn how to transform the relationship into one that advances your mission while ensuring that your nonprofit has the coverage your mission needs.

Lessons from the Pandemic: On the Road to the Next New Normal
Wednesday, May 12th at 2 pm Eastern
Risk programs have been forced to adapt rapidly during the pandemic. All nonprofits have had to pivot in myriad ways to respond to the ever-changing situation. This “Black Swan” event left many nonprofits scrambling to adapt risk assessments, policies and procedures, and risk management practices. In this webinar, we explore graceful adaptations and silver linings and offer our recommendations for preparing for the next disruption. A critical component to any plan for the next new normal is to stay proactive; attend this webinar to learn how to help your organization move from reacting to acting!

Breaking The Silence: Navigating Difficult Topics in the Workplace
Wednesday, July 14th at 2 pm Eastern
This webinar explores the risks associated with uncomfortable conversations, awkward situations, and fear in the workplace. Learn why fear and intimidation reduce motivation and engagement and how building ‘psychological safety’ is key to creating a workplace worthy of your mission. This webinar concludes with practical tips and strategies for anticipating and managing difficult circumstances and topics.

Managing Risk & Safety: What’s New and What’s Next?
Wednesday, September 15th at 2 pm Eastern
This webinar explores the changing risk landscape for nonprofit organizations and the risks that arise from our uncertain, evolving circumstances. Learn how to apply lessons from recent experience to your work to infuse a spirit and commitment to safety, resilience, and well-being. The NRMC team will highlight some of our interactive tools and resources that can help your risk team capture, understand and evaluate past incidents, near-misses, and disruptions and apply that knowledge to fortify your organization for the risks around the corner.

Sexual Harassment Prevention for Nonprofit Teams
Wednesday, November 17th at 2 pm Eastern
When sexual harassment and other forms of workplace misconduct occur, these situations have far-reaching effects on organizations. In addition to declining engagement and the departure of talented team members, nonprofits may face the risk of costly legal liability. This webinar explores the evolution of harassment risk in the workplace, the concept of illegal retaliation, relevant Federal laws, and the elements of an effective anti-harassment policy.

2021 Risk Summit

Stay tuned for information about next year’s nonprofit risk conference! You can find all the latest details and information on our website as soon as they are released.