Vital Signs: Anticipating, Preventing and Surviving a Crisis in a Nonprofit

83 Pages / ISBN 1893210065


This book is only available as an eBook (PDF).

Vital Signs is written for the nonprofit executives and leaders who want to invest in the care and treatment of their nonprofits. Vital Signs addresses the Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment Methods and Treatment Phases of a crisis. The chapters include sample worksheets to illustrate how you can use your time and brainpower wisely. Blank worksheets are included. By the time you finish the book, you’ll be able to effectively target preventable crises and pinpoint other categories of crisis that can be treated to minimize the final loss facing the nonprofit. You’ll be able to develop a crisis management plan for your organization, assign key personnel, and establish a protocol that will increase your odds of surviving.

Funding to support the publication of Vital Signs was provided by the Public Entity Risk Institute.