Playing to Win, A Risk Management Guide for Nonprofit Sports and Recreation Programs

89 Pages


This book is only available as an eBook (PDF).

Risk is inherent in any sports or recreation program. To remove the potential of risk or injury completely would change the fundamental nature of the sport. To change the way coaches, officials and administrators access risk often makes the difference between safety and injury. Using Playing to Win as a guide, you’ll find many methods to protect the athlete, the organization and the spectators from harm. Playing to Win addresses, in a practical, reader-friendly tone, the legal duties of coaches; informed consent, waiver and release forms; facility inspection protocol; employee, independent contractor and volunteer status; and the importance and methods of screening staff.

Playing to Win considers the attitude and behavior of parents, athletes, coaches and other athletic staff essential to the risk management plan. It’s essential to have these folks plus the board, senior management working together to make a risk management strategy work. The book is helpful to all those managing a sports or recreation program as part of a larger scope of activities or as their sole responsibility in a nonprofit.

Funding to support the publication of Playing to Win was provided by the Public Entity Risk Institute.