Pillars of Accountability: A Risk Management Guide for Nonprofit Boards

74 Pages / ISBN 1893210170


This book is only available as an eBook (PDF).

One of the most important contributions that a nonprofit board makes to the organization’s overall risk management effort is managing its own affairs properly. Slippage in this area has been the substance of major news stories and ongoing legal battles for several of our colleagues. Protect your mission by investing in the practical and affordable suggestions in the Center’s book on the board's role in risk management.

Pillars of Accountability: A Risk Management Guide for Nonprofit Boards offers advice and action steps to build and strengthen the foundation of a nonprofit organization. The book explores five pillars of accountability in five chapters:

  • Pillar 1: Ethical Fundraising
  • Pillar 2: Strategic Risk Management
  • Pillar 3: Fiscal Integrity
  • Pillar 4: Leadership Sustainability
  • Pillar 5: Sound Employment Practices

These five pillars provide a basis for preserving and protecting the integrity of the organization.

Pillars of Accountability provides nonprofit board members and CEOs with practical ways to manage the consequences of risk and thus model commitment to excellent management and accountability to key stakeholders. Working in concert, the board, CEO and other senior managers can use Pillars of Accountability to ensure that the board has a practical perspective on what it means to be "accountable" in a modern nonprofit organization.