No Surprises: Harmonizing Risk and Reward in Volunteer Management

125 Pages / ISBN 1893210235


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Recruiting and managing the spectrum of volunteers who bring your nonprofit’s mission to life is no easy task. Safeguarding volunteers, service recipients and the organization requireTable of Contents.s a sophisticated blend of risk taking, risk awareness and risk management.

Whether your nonprofit has been highly successful at balancing the risks and rewards of volunteer management and wants to evaluate or refine what you’re already doing, or you are looking at the risks associated with volunteer service for the first time, we expect you will find the practical advice and support you need in No Surprises, 5th edition. No Surprises is an easy-to-read and easier to use book that translates risk management into everyday choices and behaviors--all directed at protecting the mission of your nonprofit.

The Fifth edition of No Surprises includes a chapter on “Frequently Asked Questions” about volunteer service as well as updated content on managing risk in program design, volunteer recruitment, volunteer supervision and public relations. If comments from fans of this book are any indication, we predict that No Surprises will soon be your "go-to resource" on practical risk management for your volunteer program.