Enlightened Risk Taking: A Guide to Strategic Risk Management for Nonprofits

112 Pages


This book is only available as an eBook (PDF).

Nonprofit organizations by their very nature are risk-taking operations. They venture to provide services to people at risk, in risky places and on limited budgets. To tell a nonprofit organization not to take risks is as good as telling the organization to close its doors. This book explains how to take risks in enlightened ways that enable your nonprofit to fulfill its mission to the utmost in our less-than-fully-predictable world.

This book is also about risk management — a process for planning, organizing, directing and controlling the assets and activities of any organization to enable it to accomplish its mission. But to the traditional concept of “safeguarding against the losses,” we have added strategies for “seizing the opportunities for gain that risk generates” — a rather avant-garde concept. When you add safeguarding loss to seizing opportunity for gain, you have a nonprofit poised to grow into its future.