Welcome to the NRMC Risk Benchmarking App. Please answer one or more of our benchmarking questions to learn how your risk practices compare to those of other nonprofits.

The Risk Benchmarking App is being provided with the support of the First Nonprofit Foundation. The purpose of the Risk Benchmarking App is to provide you with information for comparison to other organizations. This information will be updated each time someone new takes the survey. Although survey numbers may be low in the initial rollout of a question (in fact, you may be the first person to take a survey!), as time goes on the results will become more and more robust. For that reason, we recommend that you check regularly to see how the results update over time.

You only need to take the survey once. NRMC will monitor the data in order to preserve its integrity and maximize the utility for the user. If you have questions about the Risk Benchmarking App or suggestions for future questions, please contact us at Kay@https://nonprofitrisk.org/ or at 703.777.3504.

Topic #6

What is the primary focus of your risk management function/program?

Topic #5

What is your number one organization-related risk concern at this time?

Topic #4

Where is your organization’s risk management function located?

Topic #3

Which of the following best describes risk reporting in your nonprofit?

Topic #2

Which best describes how your organization’s risk management function is led?

Topic #1

Which best describes the source of legal advice provided to your nonprofit?