Fiscal Oversight & Fraud Protection

Inspire Confidence in Your Mission by Managing Finance Risks

The NRMC team can help you develop or refine existing financial policies and procedures and protect your mission against unnecessary financial risks.

Engage the Nonprofit Risk Management Center as your consulting partner to:

  • evaluate financial reporting
  • develop or update fraud prevention strategies
  • refine or clarify the roles and responsibilities of your Finance and Audit Committees
  • expand the scope of your Finance or Audit Committee to include risk oversight
  • develop a fiscal or risk dashboard
  • identify and evaluate the suitability of best practices in financial or risk reporting

To discuss your organization’s needs, please contact us at 703.777.3504 or

Risk Assessments and Insurance Coverage Reviews

The NRMC team offers Risk Assessments with an emphasis on financial management and other top concerns of your leadership team and Board of Directors. We also offer Insurance Broker Selection Services, as well as Insurance Coverage Reviews in conjunction with Risk Assessments, to help our nonprofit clients feel confident that they’ve got the best coverage and best insurance partners at the right price.

Conference or Workshop Presentations

Past NRMC workshops focused on financial risks include:

  • “Finance Superheroes: Engaging Staff and Leadership in Fiscal Awareness”
  • “Financial Risk Management: Beyond Internal Controls”
  • “Top 10 Finance Risks Facing Nonprofits”
  • “Getting Ready for the Auditor”
  • “Risk Forecasting”
  • “Dynamic Risk Reporting Tips and Strategies”
  • “Increasing the Financial Literacy of Your Board: When Board Training Is Not An Option”
  • “Audit Committees: Why Should Your Nonprofit Have One, and What Do They Do, Anyway?”
  • “Conflicts of Interest: Policies and Practices that Help Boards Recognize and Manage Financial Conflicts”