Governance Risk Assessment

Is your board a highly efficient, productive, collaborative and congenial champion of your mission? If ‘no’ or ‘not always,’ don’t despair! Board dynamics and productivity often change due to changes in make-up, size, structure, the risk landscape, and more. And in some cases poorly written or stale governance policies inhibit effective governance.

A Governance Assessment facilitated by NRMC takes a thoughtful look at the board’s history, effectiveness and resources. We review governing documents and policies, such as Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, recent meeting agendas and orientation materials prior to speaking directly to key stakeholders (staff and board leaders). Our information gathering activities enable us to develop specific recommendations to strengthen governance and bring new confidence and skills to the tough work of governing.

Over the years NRMC has been a trusted consulting partner to many prominent organizations, including many teams unwilling to ignore the downside risks of ineffective or inefficient governance. Key deliverables in a Governance Assessment include:

  • Draft and Final Reports providing an overview of governance assets, opportunities to improve, and specific recommended changes in policy or practice
  • Redlined Bylaws with our suggestions to transform outdated Bylaws into a valuable governance resource
  • Board briefings at the outset and at the conclusion of the Governance Assessment
  • Proposed, draft governance policies for the board’s consideration, such as a draft Succession Plan, updated Minutes format, CEO evaluation/compensation policy, revised Conflict of Interest policy, board exit interview policy and process, and much, much more
  • Board education session covering one or more topics of special interest, such as board accountability, enterprise risk management, risk oversight, and board development

Our minimum fee for a Governance Assessment is $12,600.

We are proud to be a trusted advisor to an incredible array of nonprofits providing life-changing services across the U.S. and internationally. To discuss the governance challenges facing your nonprofit or to request a proposal for a Governance Assessment, contact Melanie Lockwood Herman at 703.777.3504 or